Advertising Flags – Maryland


Get Noticed with Advertising Flags

Increasing sales, promoting specials, and generating better attendance can all be accomplished with the advertising flag. These 15-foot-tall flappers will cast shadows over the competition and entice more of your target customers. Every business needs to leverage the flow of consumers traveling past their location to their advantage. Advertising flags, sometimes called feather flags, are placed at just the right height to instantly lure in those consumers. Radio ads or coupons might peak interest, but our flags will reel them in and turn that interest into sales.

High Advertising ROI

In addition to getting consumer attention, our flags are a great investment. The sturdy material and high quality hardware are made to withstand anything the outdoors can throw at them. These are not the 2-week lifespan flags often seen at other places. The heavy duty design of each one has been tested time and again and withstand a month or more of use.

Let Us Help!

Where and how should you leverage flags for maximum profit? How many flags will you need for your event? Which colors and customization will garner the most interest? Don’t worry! At Visible Advertisement in Maryland, we can answer all your questions and help you every step of the way. Advertising flags are an economical way to boost your business.