Tube Dancers – Maryland


Why Use a Tube Dancer?

Though tube dancers go by many names (fly guys, sky dancers, air dancers) their purpose is specific: grab attention and boost your sales. These tube shaped, brightly colored, smiley faced characters are attached to a blower motor that causes them to erratically sway and move. Their boogying create smiles and enthusiasm from passing customers, and ultimately generate the sales you need for a broader bottom line.

Use Them Anywhere

Tube dancers have easy set-up and break down, and compact for easy storage. With a tube dancer from Visible Advertisement, you can be sure, your tall, eye catching tube dancer will be perfect for your event. Putting one near a door or entry will pull customers in for a better look at your products and give you the opportunity to make your next sale. With such an effortless customer draw in, why not add a tube dancer to your next event?